Hearing the question “are you checking in any luggage Mr. Roach?” at an airline check-in is usually cause for yours truly to start stressing. More often than not I’m carrying a surfboard bag that’s five or ten kilograms over the regular weight allowance and my stress is caused not by whether I’m going to have to pay but by whether I can afford to. That is why I can quite proudly say that the trip I’m on at the moment is very unusual. The stress, or board bag has been left at home and I’m travelling throughout Europe with nothing but a blonde girl and a small back pack. For once the objective doesn’t involve the barrel. I admit I miss it but it’s fairly easy to see past my friends Instagram posts from the last swell, when one day I’m checking out Michael Angelo’s artwork in the Vatican and the next I’m sipping Mohitos and breaststroking in Sicily (excuse the pun). Presently I’m drinking Mythos on an island in Greece, a whole two weeks after leaving the tubes behind in Bali and maybe I miss it more than I care to acknowledge, for why else would my next stop be the Roxy Pro in Biarritz? The question that really needs to be asked is whether a Women’s WT will be the liquor to my shaking hand?   

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